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Painting the Swans at Queen's Park

Painting the Swans at Queen's Park

Saturday 27 April
West Dr, Brighton and Hove - 10:30am - 2 Hours
Rukmini Reddy Sen
Nurture your creative side and join us for a swan painting session! Be enchanted while having fun. Focusing on atmospheric blending techniques and soft details to perfectly capture this mysterious bird!
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Expressive Seascape in Watercolours

Expressive Seascape in Watercolours

Saturday 11 May
Madeira Dr, Brighton - 10:30am - 2 Hours
Rukmini Reddy Sen
Dive into the fluid and captivating world of seascape painting, where the majesty of the ocean and vast bodies of water take center stage as our muse. Engage in an artistic journey that explores the depths and horizons of watercolor art, guided by seasoned enthusiasts. Unlock the secrets to portraying the serene beauty and powerful essence of the sea through your brushstrokes. Join us for a day where the sea becomes your canvas, and every splash of color tells a story.
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Painting the Foliage and Landscape

Painting the Foliage and Landscape

Saturday 25 May
Brighton and Hove, Brighton - 10am - 2 Hours
Rukmini Reddy Sen
Get ready to learn, we will explore the art of capturing the beauty and majesty of nature through painting!

Planning a composition; Wet on Dry techniques of painting landscape and detailing foliage, trees and sky. Our experienced instructor will guide you through the process of understanding and applying the principles of painting, including color theory, composition, and brushwork. We will cover topics such as using light and shadow to create depth and drama, capturing the colors and textures, and experimenting with different brushstrokes and techniques to create stunning effects.
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Come along to our meetups to improve your art in a relaxed and social atmosphere and under the guidance of a professional instructor. Complete beginners to experienced artists all welcome.

Our 2 hour meetups are held in a different location each time, usually outdoors.

Bring your own materials. If you are a complete beginner all you need to start is a set of watercolour paints, brushes, and water container.

Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. The instructor is there to help everyone.

The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

Join the Brighton Watercolour Group on Facebook to share your art and enjoy the art of other locals.
Rukmini Reddy Sen
Rukmini Reddy Sen, known as Rexxy, is a fine artist presently pursuing her Masters in Fine Art from University of Brighton. She graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art (Painting major) from Visva Bharati, India in 2022, and has been working as an art educator ever since, delivering quality lessons in drawing and painting and herself working with various mediums including acrylics, watercolour, tempera, gouache and also relief printmaking, botanical collage, stop motion animation and more! She has been teaching children as well as adults and loves sharing her tips, tricks and techniques with other enthusiastic creative people.
You can check out her work at

Rukmini Reddy Sen is available for private bookings

Available most weekends
Private art lessons
Commissioned paintings
Portraits(including pet portraits)
Live painting at events (weddings, birthdays etc)

Brighton Watercolour Group
Title or Location: Highgate Cemetery, London
This watercolour painting, (6 x 8.25 inches on hot pressed 140lb natural white Arches watercolour paper) is of one of the Celtic Cross headstones in Highgate Cemetery, north London. I last visited in 2019 and took several photos and am now working on a series of 12 paintings - this one is the second. I recently started working with a small set of handmade watercolour paints from Deepdeeplight based in Latvia, who use local natural pigments from the local area which are more subdued than the sy
Credit: Andrea McNeill
Facebook: Beanie M Ouse OBe
Instagram: beanie_mouse

Denver Watercolor Group
Title or Location: Na
This is the first page in my newest watercolor sketchbook. It's an image I created from multiple years of beach going and what I imagined I would look like sitting waiting for the fish.
Credit: Richard Fuchs
Nottingham Watercolour Group
Title or Location: At a local Art group
This is a watercolour of my eldest son's dog Rousty, when he came to visit last Easter. Its the first time I've painted a pet I'm quite pleased with it.
Credit: Violingill

Dallas Watercolor Group
Title or Location: Trinity River Audubon Center
This painting was inspired on one of the many beautiful trails at the Trinity River Audubon Center. I recently joined a Dallas Plein Air painting group and this was my first outing. Mesmerized by the morning sun. Inundated by the sounds of nature. It was a blissful experience. It had been so long since I had been with nature and admittedly caught the plain air bug. There was a unifying experience as nature never stopped all around me and neither did I!
Credit: Andrews Art
Facebook: Andrews Art
Instagram: Andrews Art

Atlanta Watercolor Group
Title or Location:
I chose this picture as it was very challenging to achieve the effect of peels!
Credit: Leena
Phoenix Watercolor Group
Title or Location: Scottsdale Arizona
I work in sketchbooks 98 of the time with my favorite pens. I prefer to draw live rather than from photos, so at night I find my characters on TV. Watercolor or other mixed media may find its way into the drawing, depending on which sketchbook I used. This was drawn in a Strathmore 500 series mixed media softcover book. The paper takes mixed media extremely well.
Credit: Donna McMenamin
Facebook: Donna Campbell McMenamin
Instagram: @thedonnadiva

Houston Watercolor Group
Title or Location: Fort Bend County Texas. This fence post stands next to a gate on a friends ranch, just off of Hwy 59 S.
On February 3rd of this year (2024), I was at my music duet partners ranch near Beasley and Rosenberg Texas, just off of Hwy 59 S. We often times go out to the country to rehearse our music when the weather is nice. I?ve driven through the gate and past this post many times before but on this particular day, the sun was shining just so perfectly and the old, rusty, broken chain really captured my attention. I jumped out of the truck and snapped a few photos, knowing I would eventually paint this
Credit: Kim Solem
Instagram: Kimsolem616

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